Your Gift for Tomorrow Can Change the Future

Your legacy gift to Livermore Valley Opera not only makes a statement about what matters to you now, but also ensures that LVOpera will continue bringing the performances you enjoy to future generations.

You can leave a lasting legacy by including LVOpera in your estate plan (living will or trust). There is no minimum gift amount required and it is cost-free during your lifetime. The purpose of establishing this legacy giving program is to provide long-term financial stability, support artistic flexibility and enhancement, and enable capital acquisitions for production and staging.

By notifying LVOpera of your planned gift, you qualify to join our “Legacy League,” a recognition reserved for donors who have included our opera company in their estate plan, and one which allows you to enjoy special benefits and acknowledgements.

Support the fund that is most meaningful to you:

General Fund – funds support LVOpera’s critical real-time operating needs.

Unrestricted Endowment Fund – funds used in the near-term, over several seasons, to provide enhanced artistic quality, scale and staging, to meet special needs and to allow for unexpected funding shortfalls.

Restricted Endowment Fund – funds provide a durable legacy for the long term and ensure decades of sustained artistic excellence. 

If you have appreciated assets, such as real estate or stocks, which upon your death may be heavily taxed, bequeathing some or all of these assets to LVO will both reduce the tax burden on your estate and will help ensure LVOpera’s future.

The simplest giving method is to set a fixed amount from your estate as a bequest to LVOpera. However, there are a variety of other ways to plan your gift. Some of these could provide you with income, and your estate with significant tax benefits.

Among the most popular methods are:

•    Bequests, as mentioned above, preferably from IRAs
•    Donor advised charitable funds, with immediate tax deduction, but donations distributed over years and/or granted at the end of life
•    Life income gifts: charitable remainder trusts, from which you (or another) can receive lifetime income with the remainder passing to the charity
•    Gifts of appreciated investments and property
•    Real estate gifts
•    Life insurance gifts

Note: We recommend that you consult experienced professionals to select and execute a plan best suited to your goals. If you have questions or have set up a legacy donation, please contact Kathlene Tabet so that we can acknowledge you as part of LVOpera’s Legacy League.