Your Donor Benefits are intended to express the appreciation and gratitude of the Livermore Valley Opera for your part in ensuring our future with your contributions. We hope that these benefits increase your enjoyment and reward your generosity. The following table specifies what benefits are available to you at each annual level of giving.

To declare your interest in any of these benefits or sponsorships, please contact [email protected].

Livermore Valley Opera Is A 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit Organization With Tax ID: 94-3168895

Patrons Grand Patrons
Annual Donor Benefits $100+ $250+ $500+ $1,000+ $2,000+ $5,000+ $10,000+
Listed in Opera Program for 12 Months
Off-stage Working Rehearsal at the Bothwell Art Center
Annual Audition at the Bothwell
See the Sets Under Construction
Artist Sponsorship
Access to the Bankhead VIP Room
Final On-stage Dress Rehearsal at the Bankhead Theater
Lunch with Conductor or Stage Director
Tickets for Opera in the Vineyard
DVD of the Attended Opera
Tickets to Opening Night Gala

Benefit eligibility at any time is based on the donations given during the prior twelve months. All invitations are for two people and are not transferable.

Grand Patrons

The donors who give more than one thousand dollars annually are all considered Grand Patrons. As a Grand Patron you are also a member of the Livermore Valley Opera’s Overture Society. For more information on Overture Society and Sponsorships, please contact TJ Gilmartin at 925-449-3170 or [email protected].

Overture Society

Overture members share in the enjoyment and camaraderie of special celebrations, social opportunities, educational activities, and behind-the-scenes adventures that lead to a deeper appreciation of opera. Your privileges include access to special rehearsals and auditions, invitations to Overture social and regional performing arts events, and pre-sale opportunities for limited-attendance events.


As a Grand Patron, you may also directly Sponsor the Artists and Opera elements described in detail in the Section called Artist Sponsorships. Your sponsorship contribution will be added to your Grand Patron donation to establish your giving level and will be recognized in the publications associated with your sponsored Opera. Artist sponsors are invited to meet with their artists, if mutual arrangements can be made.