Romeo And Juliette

Romeo et Juliette September, 2011

by Charles Gounod

Two young innocents fall profoundly in love, despite the  long, bitter feud between  their proud families and the result is a timeless tragedy.


Juliette-Christie Hageman
Roméo- Christian Reinert
Mercutio- Roberto Perlas Gomez
Count Capulet- Bernardo Bermudez
Gertrude- Michelle Rice
Tybalt- Ernest Alvarez
Gr égorio- Nikolas Nackley
Benvolio- Michael Jankosky
Stéphano- Jennifer Panara
Duke of Verona-Julio
Count Paris- Torlef Borsting
Frére Laurent- Nicholas Shelton

Roméo et Juliette Synopsis

Act I

The chorus recaps the ill-fated love of Romeo and Juliet

Scene I
A grand ball in the Capulet house

In a great hall, the Capulet family is having a feast. Because the celebration is a masked ball, Mercutio, Benvolio, and Romeo, youths from the warring Montague house, decide in sport to attend disguised. Tybalt describes Juliet’s beauty to Count Paris and Juliet arrives. The guests exit to dine while the Montague’s remain behind. Romeo reveals he has a bad dream and Mercutio blames the fictitious Mab, Queen of dreams. The Montagues join the other dinner guests. Juliet and her nurse, Gertude, take a moment away from the party. Gertrude asks Juliet if she would like to marry Paris, but the young girl is not interested. Romeo and Juliet meet and fall instantly in love. Upon Tybalt’s return, Juliet discovers she has fallen for a Montague.  The Montagues make a narrow escape from the festivities.

Act II

In the Capulet garden

Alone under Juliet’s balcony, Romeo laments his love for her. Upon her appearance, Romeo hides and Juliet confesses her love for the young Montague. Upon hearing this, Romeo reveals himself and admits to the same. As Gregorio and other Capulet’s near searching for the page, Romeo hides. Juliet returns to swear her love and the lovers take leave from one another.


Scene I
The cell of Friar Laurence

Romeo reveals his love for Juliet to Friar Laurence. Hoping a marriage between the couple will lead to peace between the families, the Friar performs the wedding ceremony with Gertrude as witness.

Scene II
On the street outside of the Capulet house

The page, Stephano, waits for Romeo outside of the Capulet home and sings loudy to display his bravery and to capture their attention.  Gregorio taunts the young page and they begin to duel. Mercutio and Tybalt enter the fray. Romeo attempts to calm the angry mob. Tybalt taunts Romeo, but Romeo refuses to get dragged into the fighting. Mercutio pushes Romeo aside and is slayed in a duel with Tybalt. Out of blind rage, Romeo then kills Tybalt. Capulet enters followed by the Duke of Verona. Capulet pleads to the Duke that justice be paid for Tybalt’s death, but instead the Duke banishes Romeo from Verona.

Act IV

Juliet’s chamber

The lovers consummate their relationship. Juliet forgives Romeo for his actions. A singing lark signals the coming of day and Romeo must flea the city.  After his departure, Gertrude hastily prepares Juliet for her father’s unexpected arrival. Capulet and Friar Laurence arrive. Capulet informs his daughter that Tybalt’s dying wish is that she marry Paris and that plans are underway for an immediate betrothal. Capulet leaves, but Friar Laurence remains behind. He gives Juliet a potion that will give her the illusion of death and at her waking in the crypt, Romeo will be present and the two will run away together.  She drinks the potion.

Act V

The Capulet crypt

Romeo arrives to find Juliet lying in supposed death (a letter with the Friar’s instructions regarding the potion never reaches Romeo). Unable to live without her, Romeo drinks a deadly poison. Juliet awakes and sees Romeo dying. In grief Juliet stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger. They are united in death.