L’Italiana In Algeri

L’Italiana in Algeri, March 2016

March 12, 13, 19, 20 – 2016

Gioachino Rossini was a master at writing operas that combined elements of both comic (buffa) and tragic (seria) stories.  His first masterpiece mixing the two elements was L’italiana in Algeri, first performed in 1813.  This madcap, farcical opera, in a style resembling Laurel and Hardy skits, also has a serious undertone which pokes fun at authority figures, inept lovers, and unfaithful husbands, while making the heroine, Isabella, the clear winner in a battle of the sexes. Rossini’s brilliant music, marked by slowly building crescendos with incredible energy and melodies you will be humming for days, combine with poignant passages that are truly masterful. It’s an opera you will not want to miss.

Stage Director: Bruce Donnell
Isabella: Kristen Choi
Lindoro: Marco Stefani
Mustafa: Bojan Knezevic
Taddeo: Daniel Cilli
Elvira: Emma McNairy
Haly: Kirk Eichelberger
Zulma: Molly Mahoney