Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni, October 2010


Mozart’s Classic Opera of the Legend of Don Juan

Composed by Mozart in 1787, Don Giovanni is a two-act opera, a unique blend of buffa (comic) and seria (drama). Don Giovanni was considered “the perfect opera” in the nineteenth century.  National Public Radio’s “World of Music” notes “…Don Giovanni has been widely regarded as the greatest opera ever composed. That’s a pretty bold statement, but however you rank it, Mozart’s opera is a brilliant combination of stark human tragedy and touching comedy, set to music of limitless genius.” Opera America ranks it as  7th on the list of Top 20 most popular operas.

The Story

Don Giovanni (Don Juan), a young nobleman, after a life of amorous conquests, meets defeat in his three encounters: with Donna Elvira, whom he has deserted, although she still follows him; with Donna Anna, whose father, the Commendatore, Giovanni has killed while escaping from an unsuccessful attempt at seduction causing a postponement in her marriage to Don Ottavio; and with Zerlina, who he vainly tries to lure from her fiancé, the peasant Masetto.

All three women – Donna Elvira, Donna Anna, and Zerlina – vow vengeance on the Don and his harassed servant, Leporello. Eventually, Donna Elvira weakens in her resolution and attempts reconciliation, hoping that the Don will reform. Alas, Don Giovanni meets his dramatic fate in an encounter in the cemetery where the statue of the murdered Commendatore stands. Does the libertine escape? Or does he get his just desserts? Come find out.


Il Commendatore . . . . . . . . . .  James Grainger
Donna Anna, his daughter . . . . . . Melody King
Don Ottavio, her betrothed . . . . Matthew Pena
Don Giovanni . . . . . . . . .Eugene Brancoveanu
Leporello, his servant. . Roberto Perlas Gomez
Donna Elvira . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Marie Plette
Zerlina . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .   Jennie Litster
Masetto, her betrothed . . . . . . .. Sean Sullivan


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Don Giovanni – ‘A Winner’

“The word is out: Livermore Valley Opera has scored a winner with its Don Giovanni.”

“…delights and engages all ages from beginning to end…”

“The opera is also difficult to perform… but the gifted singers/actors …pulled it off, seemingly effortlessly.” –The Independent, review 10/7/201